USCG Auxiliary
Division 24
9th District Central Region


Board and Staff



The board and staff of Division 24 9th Central Region welcomes you to our web site.
Enjoy your stay!


COMO Jerri Smith, Commander

Michael Skowronski, Vice Commander

Michael Boshaw, Sr, Immediate Past Division Commander



Commanders                                                                            Vice Commanders

Ryan Petersen                         Bay City 24-1 9th CR                Jeff Strange

Randy Disbrow                         Flint 24-2 9th CR                      Robert Hornshaw

Joseph Riffelmacher                Saginaw 24-5 9th CR               Michael Boshaw, Sr      

William Loss                             Sebewaing 24-7 9th CR           Edward Fibrantz

Nathan Wiseley                         Tawas 24-8 9th CR                  Michael Heger                             


Staff Officers

SO-CM - Al Plaehn

SC-CS - Walt Kline

SO-FN - Jean Colby

SO-HR - COMO Jerri Smith

SO-IS - Ron View

SO-MA - Nathan Wiseley

SO-MS - Laurence Leighton

SO-MT - Jeff Stange

SO-NS - Randall Mainer

SO-OP - COMO Robert Colby

SO-PA - Don Gaby

SO-PB - COMO Jerri Smith

SO-PE - Raymond Nixon

SO-PV - Albert Plaehn

SO-SR - Mike Skowronski

SO-VE - Ed Fibranz